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June 7 2016
While we continue work on the additive development, we are looking into alternate ways to add value to the plastic by injection moulding it or using the filament to weave various items.

March 3 2016
We have received a government grant to fund our research on the HDPE additive with the National Chemical Labs!

November 16 2015
Upgraded our shed to include an extra storage facility!

October 12 2015
Making progress on the filament warping issue. This is a video of the warping for those interested.

August 2 2015
Completed our spool mould. We now injection mould our spools directly from the plastic flakes we produce at the dump.

July 2 2015
Work begins on developing chemical additives / blends to prevent the excessive warping!

June 30 2015
Continued testing of our filament on the rennovated printer. Warping issues need to be dealt with. The filament is within all tolerances from a physical standpoint and we are iterating through different printer designs to control for the warping mechanically (heated bed, etc.)

June 25 2015
Completed renovation of our large format 3D printer to include a better bed and interchangeable hot-end to test HDPE.

June 15 2015
Completed work on 'SizerBot' to improve diameter consistency. Filament is now within appropriate tolerances!

May 30 2015
Completed work on cardboard spool design. Our packaging is now completely recycled!

April 29 2015
Completed work on 'PullerBot' to improve diameter consistency

February 1 2015
Successfully produced high quality HDPE filament consistently at the shed. Filament diameter tolerances remain an issue.

December 20 2014
Successfully installed new machines at shed. New round of test production begins.

November 1 2014
Shed rennovation complete. Facing slight delays due to delays in acquiring permission for increased electrical load.

September 1 2014
Shed rennovation almost complete. New Drying / Spooling machine to improve filament quality.

June 25 2014
Sidhant and Protoprint have been selected for the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship!

May 25 2014
Protoprint begins working closely with hardware developers to create a printer specifically for recycled filament

May 6 2014
Two pieces of great news. Protoprint is declared a winner at the MIT IDEAS Competition and also inducted into the MIT D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowship!

April 15 2014
Protoprint starts another iteration on the ReFilBot. New filament should be much higher quality.

March 22 2014
Protoprint presents at the Affinity and Confluence Festival at the MIT Pune Polymer Science Department.

March 2 2014
Protoprint is invited to present at the Padarth festival in IIT Mumbai

February 25 2014
Some good press for Protoprint. Check out this article in Make Magazine!

February 21 2014
Version 3 of the ReFilBot completed. Tested HDPE filament on our FDM printer. Good comparison with PLA test.

February 14 2014
Protoprint is invited to the 3D Print Show in NYC. Great exposure to the 3D printing community.

January 1 2014
Protoprint rings in the New Year with the introduction of India's first Mobile Print Lab!

December 10-11 2013
The 'Inclusive Innovations Expo' is a huge success with over 85,000 people in atttendence. Thanks to everyone who came by and said hello!

December 1 2013
Protoprint is selected to be featured on a Deloitte report that catalogues a list of 'Inclusive Innovations in India' as well as participate in an exposition displaying our work

November 3 2013
Completed work on a brand new 'RefilBot'. Preliminary tests indicate significantly better output quality using waste HDPE flakes.

July 2 2013
Completed work on the 'Filament Lab' - We start producing our first batch of filament directly from waste HDPE plastic. There are issues with the RefilBot and we decide to start building a new design.

June 15 2013
Motorized version of the 'FlakerBot' is complete. Does a much better job at maintianing flakes size and quality.

May 3 2013
GreenPrint is renamed to Protoprint and Protoprint Solutions Pvt Ltd takes form.

April 1 2013
GreenPrint is in the semifinals for the MIT IDEAS Challenge and the MIT 100K!!!!

March 15 2013
GreenPrint begins to work on setting up a 'Filament Lab' at SWaCH

March 1 2013
'Just3DPrinting' becomes 'GreenPrint'!!

January 12 2013
Completed work on the manual FlakerBot prototype! Creates plastic flakes from HDPE bottles.

December 1 2012
Completed work on the RefilBot prototype! Extrudes printer filament from plastic flakes. Major issues with filament quality though.

October 22 2012
Update: We did not win the competition but got some useful tips from 'WOOF' on creating an extruder to recycle printer filament.

September 1 2012
Just 3D Printing was chosen as one of the seven finalists in a Global 100K competition called the 3D4D Challenge sponsored by techfortrade.org. We pitch the idea of a sustainable, social enterprise that empowers waste pickers.

August 15 2012
Our large format printer has been built and tested!

July 1 2012
ProtoPrint is born as 'Just3DPrinting'. Work is started on developing a local large format printer and a small plastic recyler

June 15 2012
We start reaching out to activists involved in solid waste management. SWaCH, an established wastepickers union, is a perfect fit and we start a dialogue with them

March 1 2012
We start throwing around the idea of converting waste plastic to printer filament. None of us are material scientists so the research begins.

November 1 2011
The team decides to build a local 3D printer in India using open source designs.